design process 2


expectations on application of the new process




1. Reinforcing design competitiveness through increased of design out-put data.

2. Reducing the product development lead time through early design selection, process overlap of related departments and sharing concurrent information.

3. reducing mock-up cost by early design selection.


provious process review



1. Different opnions on the design concept selection due to lack of communication detween related departments.

2. Inefficient time management due late refinnement of design out-put data at the late mock up stage.

3. Overlap work between related departments due to unorganized design out-put data.

4. Disatisfying design out-put and mock-up due to unspecified inputs.


detailed management direction


1. Reducing the lead time of concurrent engineering of related departments though process overlap .

2. Standardized and distinctive process for each item and project.

3. Increasing the management efficiency through information data/dase.

4. Minimizing unnecessary work by keeping history of each model through sharing it's know-how.

5. Avoiding overlap work through development of new critique method and early design selection.




1. Maximizing use of 2D/3D caid system all employees by managing each project and status.

2. Reinfforcing use of 2D/3D caid thought caid system education.




1. Maximizing the application of 3D design tool.(Alias, Pro/E)

2. Establishing the ideal caid system throught organizing previous tool management.